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Senior Research Project Symposium – 2012-13

By Contributing Writer on April 15, 2013

Information about the 2012-13 Senior Research Symposium in the Colgate University Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Betty Anderson
Optimal Frequency for the Synchronization of Entorhinal Cortex Stellate with Excitatory and Inhibitory Connections
Advisor: Patrick Crotty

Jamis Bruening
Analyzing and Interpreting Solar and Planetary Spectra and Atmospheric Absorption Influences
Advisor: Tom Balonek

Matthew Brunetti
Frequency Synchronization and Non-Linear Dynamics in JJ Circuits
Advisor: Ken Segall

Xinru Cheng
Spatial Mode Encoding of Photons Using Spatial Light Modulators
Advisor: Enrique Galvez

Colin Cowles
Neural Synchronization and its Reaction to Ion Channel Noise
Advisor: Patrick Crotty

Margaret Dievendorf
Optimization of Calcium Extraction for Meteorite Analysis
Advisor: Jonathan Levine

Ryan Freeman
Quantum Tunneling of Fluxons in Josephson Junctions
Advisor: Ken Segall

Michael Fusco
Orbital Period Changes and δ Scuti Variability in RZ Cas
Advisor: Tom Balonek

Lucas Gibson
The Effects of Weathering on Roosevelt County 037
Advisor: Jonathan Levine

Siyang Guo
Simulating Dynamics of Coupled Josephson Junction Neurons
Advisor: Patrick Crotty

Katie Iadanza
Photometric Analysis of the Transiting Exoplanet System TrES-1
Advisor: Tom Balonek

Aaron Newman
Frequency Difference Limen and Short Duration Tones
Advisor: Beth Parks

Frederick Petty
Terahertz Transmission of Quartz Substrates for Carbon Nanotubes
Advisor: Beth Parks

Shariar Rahman
Fourier Transforms in Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy
Advisor: Beth Parks

Damian Roesler
Accumulation of Aluminum within Heavily Weathered Meteorites Proposed For 26Al Terrestrial Dating
Advisor: Jonathan Levine

Danielle Solomon
The Correlation of Shell Microstructure with Strength in Lake Tanganyika Snails
Advisor: Rebecca Metzler

Peter Williams
Breathers and Vortices in Josephson Junction Ladders
Advisor: Ken Segall

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