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The Colgate Freiburg Study Group

The 2015 Freiburg Study Group: Living Culture(s) in German-speaking Europe

Colgate University’s Freiburg Study Group is affiliated with the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg, Germany. Like any study abroad program, it offers students opportunities for learning about another culture and for personal development. With its emphasis on immersion and integration, Colgate’s program is specifically designed to give students the opportunity to develop and polish their language skills; provide them with first-hand experience of German-language culture in its variety and complexity; and help them integrate their language and critical thinking skills into their broader intellectual lives.

During the semester, students take two courses in from the regular offerings across the curriculum of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität and complete two further courses led by the program director and started during an extended study trip. This trip comprises visits to cities and sites chosen by the director to illustrate important aspects of the political, cultural, and economic development and identities of German-speaking Europe. By featuring site-specific study and intensive advanced language learning, this travel seminar marks the beginning of the study group’s two director-taught courses (German Literature and Culture and an advanced language course) and paves the way for students’ integration into the cultural and academic life of Germany in Freiburg. This Colgate FSG blog has been generated to post reports (forthcoming, in English and German) from our sites of study. In 2015 the travel seminar itinerary includes Freiburg as our city of departure, Zürich and Sils-Maria in Switzerland, Salzburg and Vienna in Austria, Eisenach, Weimar and the former concentration camp Buchenwald in the state of Thüringen, Germany, and an extended stay in the German capital Berlin. The semester of study in Freiburg follows from mid-April to July.

Prometheus an der Uni Freiburg_opt (1)

Prometheus im Kollegiengebäude I der Universität Freiburg

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