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Seamus Crowley ’18 Participated in the MiddCORE Educational Program

By Contributing Writer on December 11, 2015
Seamus Crowley '18 studied communication and decision making skills

Seamus Crowley ’18 studied communication and decision making skills.

I participated in a program called MiddCORE this past summer. MiddCORE is a month-long educational program run by Middlebury College and hosted by Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village, NV within walking distance to Lake Tahoe. Throughout the month I completed 160+ hours of mentor­-driven workshops designed to strengthen skills in leadership, collaboration, strategic thinking, persuasive communication, financial literacy, negotiation, ethical decision­-making, crisis management, and entrepreneurship. The most exciting moment of the month for me was a consulting project I worked on with a group for Peet’s Coffee & Tea. We spent a week preparing a deliverable on how the company could market coffee to millennials more successfully, and finally at the end of the week we had the opportunity to present our ideas to the CEO of the company. It was incredibly exciting to be solving a real-world problem and knowing that your ideas could end up being implemented across the nation. Having such a large responsibility for an amazing opportunity made the process very rewarding.

Denise Elliot ’16 Interned at Legal Outreach – Summer Law Institute

By Contributing Writer on December 5, 2015
Denise Elliot '16

Denise Elliot ’16 worked with many students from low-income households in Queens.

This summer I worked as an intern at Legal Outreach’s Summer Law Institute, which prepares rising eighth graders from low-income households for the rigors of high school. Upon completing the Summer Law Institute, students have the opportunity to apply to Legal Outreach’s College Bound program which will further prepare students for college. The most exciting moment of my internship was working with my 21 students to perform in a mock trial competition. Prior to the mock trial competition, I was able to work with all of my students to develop their individual strengths and improve upon their shortcomings. Through this process I was able to have a personal impact on students who I did not think I would be able to inspire. I can honestly say that I have made 21 amazing new friends and I am excited to keep in touch with them as they grow up!