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Jessica Friedberg ’16 Interns at Date My Wardrobe

By Contributing Writer on May 13, 2016
Jessica Freiberg '16 was a Software Engineering Intern for Date My Wardrobe

Jessica Freiberg ’16 was a Software Engineering Intern for Date My Wardrobe

This summer I worked as a Software Engineering Intern for Date My Wardrobe, a small startup located in Boston, Massachusetts. Date My Wardrobe is a fashion company that allows users to monetize their wardrobes by posting designer items to rent out to others in the area. This also allows users to then expand their own wardrobes by renting the posted items and effectively saving money. As the Engineering Intern, I was responsible for creating an app for the iOS platform that modeled the functions of the company’s already existing website. Therefore, my main responsibilities included designing the layout of the app, programming the functions of the app, as well as communicating daily with the rest of the team to update them on the progress and problems encountered. Read more

Luke Parauda ’15 Interns at Guinness World Records

By Contributing Writer on May 13, 2016
Luke Parauda '15 ran the inquiries email box, receiving close to 80 emails a day.

Luke Parauda ’15 ran the inquiries email box, receiving close to 80 emails a day.

I worked for Guinness World Records this summer. Although the company is based out of London, I worked at the Americas office which is located in New York. The office only had about 20 people, so it was easy to meet everyone and learn my responsibilities. The office is in midtown Manhattan in a nice location. I ran the inquiries email box all summer but also held many responsibilities in the form of projects. Projects were assigned to me by many different departments, but I mainly did research for marketing, providing market analysis and researching potential clients. Before my internship, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do although I was pretty confident I wanted to work in publishing. My internship gave me a taste of many different aspects of publishing, including, PR, HR, marketing, research, sales, and some editing. I know which of those I can do really well now am realizing which ones I would want to pursue in terms of a full-time job after Colgate. Read more

Jessica Ach ’15 studies at Tuck Business School

By Contributing Writer on May 5, 2016
Jessica Ach '15 learned about potential career paths in the world of finance, marketing and consulting.

Jessica Ach ’15 learned about potential career paths in the worlds of finance, marketing and consulting.

This summer I was fortunate enough to participate in a mini-MBA program for liberal arts undergraduate students at Tuck Business School at Dartmouth. Over the course of 30 days, I took courses in accounting, economics, marketing, strategy and corporate finance. Throughout the program I worked closely with five other group members to complete course assignments and our final company valuation project. The program was not only about classroom learning however; I was able to learn invaluable networking skills, talk to hiring managers of various companies, go through mock interviews and work one-on-one with recent Tuck graduates. My peers and I thrived in this high-paced academic environment yet we also walked away with a many close friendships. Having completed the program, I am able to confidently discuss business operations, financial statements, and potential career paths in finance, marketing and consulting. Read more

Alexander Jurado ’15 Interns at the Altica Project

By Contributing Writer on May 3, 2016
Alexander Jurado '15 Interned in San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico

Alexander Jurado ’15 Interned in San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico

It is my first day in the field and I am feeling a mix of fatigue, excitement and nerves. Fatigue because a fever knocked me out of commission to miss the first three days of the season. Excitement because working on an archaeological excavation has always been a dream of mine. And nerves because I am about to enter a field of cactuses, brush and waste high grass, the prime environment for rattlesnakes. “Be careful and watch where you step, I’ve heard there is a rattlesnake nest around here,” says one of the locals. The archaeologists charge fearlessly into the field; the locals pick their way more cautiously through the grass; I pause to tell myself, This is what you always wanted, and if you want to be an archaeologist you better get used to it. I plunge into the grass. After about an hour of making artifact surface collections with no snake encounters, I am finally starting to relax; one might even say I am starting to feel right at home. Maximiliano is walking alongside me and we are talking as we go. Suddenly he yells, “SNAKE!” almost falling on his back as he stumbles backwards. I freeze immediately, not daring to move even an inch forward. He is pointing saying, “Right there,” but I still can’t see it anywhere. Finally I pick out the rattlesnake coiled on the ground just three feet in front of us. The grey scales and black diamond pattern allow it to blend in perfectly. At this point it’s my first day and I almost stepped on a rattlesnake–and I still got six more weeks to go. Read more

Sofia Estay ’16 Interns at Sotheby’s

By Contributing Writer on December 11, 2015
Sofia Estay '16 interned in the Latin American department of Sotheby's

Sofia Estay ’16 interned in the Latin American department of Sotheby’s.

This summer, I am interning in the Latin American Art department at Sotheby’s in New York City. Sotheby’s is a global art business and a leader in the secondary art market. Beginning as an auction house in 1744, today Sotheby’s offers private sale galleries, worldwide selling exhibitions, financing, and art education.

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Seamus Crowley ’18 Participated in the MiddCORE Educational Program

By Contributing Writer on December 11, 2015
Seamus Crowley '18 studied communication and decision making skills

Seamus Crowley ’18 studied communication and decision making skills.

I participated in a program called MiddCORE this past summer. MiddCORE is a month-long educational program run by Middlebury College and hosted by Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village, NV within walking distance to Lake Tahoe. Throughout the month I completed 160+ hours of mentor­-driven workshops designed to strengthen skills in leadership, collaboration, strategic thinking, persuasive communication, financial literacy, negotiation, ethical decision­-making, crisis management, and entrepreneurship. The most exciting moment of the month for me was a consulting project I worked on with a group for Peet’s Coffee & Tea. We spent a week preparing a deliverable on how the company could market coffee to millennials more successfully, and finally at the end of the week we had the opportunity to present our ideas to the CEO of the company. It was incredibly exciting to be solving a real-world problem and knowing that your ideas could end up being implemented across the nation. Having such a large responsibility for an amazing opportunity made the process very rewarding.

Sally Langan ’17 Works at Camp Harbor View

By Contributing Writer on December 11, 2015
Sally Langan '17 worked with children from at-risk neighborhoods in Boston

Sally Langan ’17 worked with children from at-risk neighborhoods in Boston.

I spent my summer working at Camp Harbor View as a group leader. CHV is a summer camp on Long Island in the Boston Harbor that offers 900 children from Boston’s at-risk neighborhoods the opportunity to have a true summer camp experience and participate in a four-week summer camp program. My friend Kiyanna and I started a Creative Writing Club, and had two campers sign up. One was Kayla, an 11-year-old girl who had a passion for poetry and self-reflection. She didn’t love everything about being at camp, especially the outdoor activities, but said club time was her favorite hour of the day. We began writing each other letters, and she opened up to me about her family life and how she struggles in school and with making friends. She wrote about the labels society puts on her as a woman of color. On the last day of camp, she wrote me a letter of advice, and at the end it said, “when there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” We hugged and tears streamed down her face. She had recently lost a family member and felt I was the only person she could honestly talk to, and she was thankful for our time together. I realized that working with young children is one way to make a real difference in one’s community. I am proud to say that during my time at CHV, I was able to influence my camper Kayla, and she was able to leave me with advice I will hold close forever.

Taylor Fischer ’16 Interns at the American Heart Association

By Contributing Writer on December 10, 2015
Taylor Fischer '16 advocated for a Smoke-Free Texas in Austin

Taylor Fischer ’16 advocated for a Smoke-Free Texas in Austin.

This summer I worked for the American Heart Association as an advocacy intern in Austin, Texas. At the American Heart Association, we are essentially in the business of putting ourselves out of business. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America and the AHA works to eliminate heart disease as well as provide Americans with the knowledge and tools to live longer, healthier lives. As an advocacy intern, I worked mainly on Smoke-Free Texas, an ordinance that would ban smoking in restaurants and bars. This mandate would drastically improve the lives and health of Texans and ultimately decrease the amount of heart disease within the state. I think one of the most memorable parts of my summer was when I was able to meet some of the volunteers who had been working with us to make Waco Smoke-Free. It was amazing to hear their stories as to why they were fighting for this ordinance with us and how thankful they were for all of the work that we do at the AHA. It made me feel incredible knowing that even though I am just a small part of this organization, my work is meaningful in helping improve the lives of others. As a lobbyist for an organization like the American Heart Association it is your job to create positive change within the government, which ultimately creates positive change within the lives of American citizens. Hearing firsthand how much the work of the American Heart Association advocacy team has helped to improve the lives of so many families instantly showed me that this is something I want to do. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing group of people and I hope to continue the work of the American Heart Association!

Taylor Ellerkamp ’17 Interns at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office

By Contributing Writer on December 10, 2015
Taylor Ellerkamp '17 interned with at a local county prosecutor's office

Taylor Ellerkamp ’17 interned at a local county prosecutor’s office in Ohio.

This summer I had the opportunity to intern at the county prosecutor’s office in my hometown of Marion, Ohio. My main responsibility was reviewing case files for upcoming trials. I read over police reports and witness statements, took notes, and filled in one of the assistant prosecutors on the most important details of the case. I was also able to attend hearings and trials as an observer on a regular basis. I was able to learn about the various responsibilities of a prosecutor. In addition to one jury trial, I sat in on many custody and child support hearings. As a result, I had the unique opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the legal system in my county from beginning to end.
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Tanner Holley ’16 Interns at Ping Chong and Company

By Contributing Writer on December 10, 2015
Tanner Holley '16 interns at a non-profit theater company

Tanner Holley ’16 interned at a non-profit theater company.

This summer has been a learning experience in a multitude of ways, and I definitely enjoyed every minute of it. For the last three months, I have been interning at Ping Chong + Company, a small non-profit theater company that specializes in creating pieces of work that help tell the stories of those without a voice (i.e. being black in America, or growing up Muslim in a post-9/11 America). The most exciting thing I did as an intern for PCC was probably sitting in on and helping out with rehearsals for an upcoming show PCC is creating entitled “The Alaska Project.” As both an actor and an artist, it was interesting to learn about the company’s creative process and what all goes in to making a show–everything from grant applications to making a puppet out of rope and tape! All in all, I had a wonderful time interning at PCC and living on my own in New York and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it!